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updated 09-29-00 


S & J Lipids offers the pharmaceutical industry small scale lab synthesis of fatty acid esters from a few grams to 15 kilograms. Such preparations are useful for the testing of novel or customized excipients, orphan drugs, feeding studies, or veterinary uses. As we complete our fifth year, we are adding single drum capacity for select classes of esters. 


Food oil processors can profit from our expertise in the fractionation, hydrogenation, and interesterification of oils to produce an array of cocoa butter replacers and extenders. Such products may represent a new market niche or an upgrade of capabilities. In either case, consultation can reduce project time and reduce the risk of failure.


Confectionery and baking companies can utilize our services to improve their products by developing an improved oil component, locating a better ingredient source, or improving their processing methods. Flavor companies use various oils as flavor carriers. We can design improved carriers, flavor components, or develop methods to reduce off flavor development.


We have expertise in producing an array of products for various industries. Examples include triglyceride based fiber lubricants with enhanced thermal stability, non-aqueous emulsions, medium chain triglycerides, and polyglycerol / polyglycerol ester production and formulation.