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updated 11-04-00 

S & J Lipids is owned and operated by Sandra and Jerry Stults. Lipid product development is hindered by a manpower shortage at the various vendor's R&D facilities. Unless large sales volumes are projected, new products tend to have very long development time frames. Our laboratory was built in 1995 to provide prompt preparation of lipid based products on a gram to multi-kilogram scale for prototype testing purposes. Process, product, and formulation development services are also available. The lab is equipped to run a number of wet method tests, refractive index, solid fat content by pulsed nmr and various analyses by GLC. We are keenly aware of the capabilities of the major processors and will work with the vendor of your choice to scale up products to commercial quantities.


Jerry started working for a major fats and oil processor after receiving his chemistry degree from Ohio State University in 1980. Work in the edible oil R&D department entailed development of new products or improved processes for the confectionery industry and then scale up from lab/pilot plant to production plant. The main processing involved fractionation, hydrogenation, interesterification, and deodorization (deacidification). Palm kernel, coconut, palm, soy and cottonseed oils were frequently employed. Periodically worked on projects involving shortenings, margarines, and powdered fats. 


Jerry joined the Chemical Specialties R&D group in 1987 and learned synthetic ester chemistry from a senior chemist with a quarter century of experience in the field. Upon his retirement in 1990, Jerry took over the responsibilities of preparing prototype lipids and formulations for the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and industrial lubricant markets. Gained familiarity with the various regulations that govern these industries (TOSCA, cGMP, MSDS, CFR sections and NDA/DMF requirements). Participated extensively on Quality, HACCP, and ISO 9001 teams. Worked in the pilot plant and plant to scale up the products to commercial volumes. Utilized purified fatty acids (C7 through C22-1), vegetable fatty acids, fish oils and vegetable oils to prepare glycerol, polyglycerol, propylene glycol, and pentaerythritol esters as well as structured lipids and heat stability enhanced industrial lubricants (3 patents).