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updated 4-02-04 

We have found the following sites to be of interest. We do not endorse these sites or control their content. The list is in random order. 

The ACEIS site http://aceis.agr.ca/contains information regarding Canadian food regulations. 

The www.european-patent-office.org site contains European and Japanese patents in a searchable database. 

The Institute of Food Technologists: http://www.ift.org 

Uncle Al's page http://www.mazepath.com/uncleal/net2.htm contains a variety of information, search engines, and the opinions of Uncle Al the Chemist. 

The IBM patent server http://www.delphion.com features a searchable database. 

The Journal of Lipid Research: http://www.jlr.org 

is the glycerolipid home page. 

Visit the Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer site http://www.federallabs.org to see what new and exciting projects they are working on. The FLC  promotes  technology transfer from more than 700 major federal laboratories, centers and agencies. 

Science News http://www.sciencenews.org always has interesting articles on a variety of subjects. 

The USDA http://www.usda.gov site contains U.S. regulatory information. 

Lucas-Meyer Corporation http://www.lucasmeyer.com specializes in phospholipids. 

SRI Instruments  http://www.srigc.com manufactures gas chromatographs.  S & J Lipids owns a SRI glc and has been pleased with its performance and their exceptional customer service department. 

E-Answers http://www.E-Answersonline.org is a searchable site for finding agricultural information developed at various Land Grant Universities.

The Oregon State University Food Resource page has many food related items including a fats and oils section.

Globaltechnoscan.com is an online technology market place offering a weekly magazine on new technologies and links to professional and international technology sites.  The site features Tech Transfer business opportunities, licensing, research financing, intellectual property & patents, trade shows & conferences, science & technology policy, venture capital & finance opportunities.